Monday, 1 December 2008

Project 5 (LAST PROJECT this term.)

its 00:07 Tuesday 2nd December!..  i am officially now on holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man that was hard..



We were given the name of a band.. Totally Random! 
"perfect Reg and the Squeegees" .. We had to choose a genre
and a way to promote this band.. I was trying to find my genre through the designs i produced.

Reg perfect in is state of mind..

A Few Record sleeve designs i produced using Screen printing, Ball point pens.. and some paint!

A screen Print on to the Record sleeve, with some ball pointing!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Project 4

A stunning Exhibition i went to in SE1 London.. check out the work, really inspired me towards the project above..
the whole place was made of wood, displaying artworks on the walls.. and totum polls in the centre of
the circular hall. And speakers in each corner of the hall. Playing Flying LOTUS LOUD AND CLEAR. :)

Project Number 4 idea number 2!

Project Number 4
We are to make something that stands out to the public eye, And really sticks with them as something that
they will always remember.

So i decided on something crazy for my final piece...I wanted to find as many plastic water bottles as possible, and fill them up with blood ( RED PAINT).After doing this, i wanted to take them all to a Petrol station and stand out side and lay the bottles down as the picture below.
Every time some one walks in to the petrol station to purchase petrol, i would give them a bottle of blood to remind them
every purchase adds money to the war and add more bloodshed.But The graphics head of LCC told me think about the Disabled people, how would they get around.. and told met was a bad idea. But i am gonna be strong about it.. because... the government can put money in to looking at other ways to help the disabled such as electric cars?.. some kind of cyclecab service... its the goverments duty to research
and stop this. By the way its just a thought, and an idea... So please do not take it too literally.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Project 3 Typographic

On to project number three.. 
The project so far is going well , i struggled a lot in the beginning, but 
After continuing it has become a little easier.. so Hass is defiantly progressing! 
Chisato, made us watch a film/ documentary called HELVETICA.. you guys should defiantly 
have a look in to it.

Below is the brief of the current assignment, and two examples of my work i created in my sketch book.
Oh by the way i will show the sketch book,  i made it with my hands. and some machinery in the college!..
apparently the way i have stitched this book, it will last 150 years!.. 

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Project 2

College has been amazing so far, 3 week in to it and already on project number 2.
In project no.2 , we have to show a journey from either, LIGHT TO DARK,




Friday, 19 September 2008

This happend to be my final piece, i will explain more later, so tierd!

  Colour 100 project - 
  My colours -  ORANGE AND BLUE
  The aim of this project is to find 100 combinations of these two colours , orange and Blue.
It could be from plastic drink bottle wrappers, to print in newspaper, clothing, internet,
information on a leaflet, bus routes , train maps, train time tables, or  the sky @ sunset.
We have to record all of this things, in to a sketch book. I have decided to  make a small 
flip book, that is hung by a string. This is how far i have got to.

Sunday, 7 September 2008


Whirling in appearance, whirling in the the blood stream, whirling in the breathing, whirling around and round like this world, whirling with todays system, and whirling with the constellation in the cosmos - Hasib Maricar

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Thru the Pipe line

"Thru the pipe line"
18 photos
A week of experimentation in the world of print. I was asked to go wild on print making - so i did.
There will be more photographs of the t shirts i am making of these prints.

"Thru the pipe line"
i decided to call this, " thru the pipe line" because, the whole experiment started of from one sketch, which is the first one you see in the album cover.
- these pipes are an inside of a rocket, which was used in many British wars. So these lines carry on by expressing my journey through the War. Every line.. Every line.. Every Colour every colour!!!!!. light. Enjoi.
Location: London College of Print (Communication)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A time and place Magic and miracles

In flight, i stare out along the long, tropical coast line of south indian shores, Slowly hovering in to my first Destination - Thiruvananthpuram.

As the flight lowers it self over the ocean of coconut and banana plantations,
i unplug the strumming sitar sounds out of my ears. The plane glides down and touches the runway, which is in between tall palms.
My senses are calm, as i know that i have reached my motherland. i hear tamil and malayalam languages bounce around the plane as the seat belts are unplugged. The Doors open to let the passengers out, and i can smell the heat, the mud, the ocean, the jasmine, and coconut oil on some girls hair. i walk out of the plane with my bag, and the heat hits me on my face like a furnace, and instantly puts a huge smile on my face.

Trivandrum Airport :
A very very small airport. I walk through the new sliding doors, and the baggage belt is struggling to start! The crowed of local families, dressed vibrantly, there best for many reasons?Not a cop, or security guard to be seen, just a few backpacking yoga freaks looking relaxed as hell.My bag struggles around the belt,. As it comes around, i Throw it on to my back and walk out to a crowed of dark men in lungi's fullpower curling mustaches, leaning against their white ambassadors, smoking the bee-dees.
I can Still smell the heat hitting the earth, the heat traveling in human skin, causing a humanly fragrance... or the coconut oil to be precise.

i pass the crowed, and i see natraajan, A very old man, who has been with my family for many many years, helping with important Family Deliveries and drop offs. He was initially a taxi man at the airport, and some how became very close to my family down in tamil nadu.
So this old man, who is short, dark,bald always wears the lightest lungi. tied up, above the knees ready to drive a long way!
His smile, will take you away, far away far far away. I put my bags in to the trunk of the famous pale green ambassador. Trust me its famous on the roads! i climb in , on to the brown high spongy 70's style seats and wind down the tinted windows.

The 5 hour journey from, Kerala to kayalpatnam.

The engine of the ambassador Starts up with a massive raw!, ready for the distant journey.
We leave the airport and drive along the coastline. I feel the warm breeze flying through the window and through my linen shirt. The heat is still hitting the earth as the time is just passed lunch time, and the local fishermen and woman are strolling along the coastline road, holding massive king fishes, which are fresh from the sea.
I stop called out to Natrajan, who was busy smoking his beedee and enjoying that warm breeze hitting the corners of the car! - an everyday feeling for him!!!

I ask him in tamil please can we stop on the side, one second and by a king fish for home.
He was like ok no problem, and waved his hand out to stop on the side!
i jumped out of the high risen spring seats, on to the heated road! I could see a woman in this multicolored sari, chopping fish . She looked up at me, her teeth were white as fresh canvas!,
she smiled and shouted, huh tell me how much you want!.. and i couldn't stop laughing
as i found her energy and appearance so beautiful. She kept laughing, which made me keep laughing! - what a feeling!!!
I told her one fish, in tamil and she was grinning and smirking while she was cutting my order!.. she asked me if i was tamil, i said yes iam. Within that time, she cleaned the fish, bagged it up and gave me the sign to get going!
i grabbed the bag, and put the fish in a bucket that Natrajan usually keeps in the trunk of his car along with string and a spare tire!

I looked back at the fisher woman as we departed, She looked perfect with the ocean behind her. i stored this image in my head. As we proceed towards tamil nadu, passing wide landscapes of palm tree's and lotus fields.

We arrive at a place called Muppandhal near the Tirunelveli district.
The green lush landscapes, gradually turn in to a sea of white nuclear wind energy windmills, spinning in layers from me to the far dark green distance. When ever i used to pass this place as a kid , there has always been this crazy wind current that flows through the car, completely different experience from the kerela sea breeze. This wind energy was incredible, huge gushes of wind in different directions as we wynd around the roads leading us towards our destination.

I look at the sky s, and see that the blue is deepening in to this gorgeous orange, with strokes of red and yellow, The white clouds smudging in to the orange masterpiece. The palms just hanging loose on the roadsides, letting their dreads and backs relax in the direction of the sun mellowing down their senses to the hues of magnificent the sky's.

We slowly approach another small town called Nagarcoil, both sides of the road are, full of sand, but a full power highway running through the middle of this busy town. We park up on the sand, next to this small Tea stall, burning its hurricane lamp, and burning temple essences. The small stall made of pure bamboo, had tiny banana's hanging with parcel string. These banana's are called Naathu pallum (home village fruit ), super sweet and fresh from the plantations!

I love this thought........


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