Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Thru the Pipe line

"Thru the pipe line"
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A week of experimentation in the world of print. I was asked to go wild on print making - so i did.
There will be more photographs of the t shirts i am making of these prints.

"Thru the pipe line"
i decided to call this, " thru the pipe line" because, the whole experiment started of from one sketch, which is the first one you see in the album cover.
- these pipes are an inside of a rocket, which was used in many British wars. So these lines carry on by expressing my journey through the War. Every line.. Every line.. Every Colour every colour!!!!!. light. Enjoi.
Location: London College of Print (Communication)

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Ridhi said...

whoa.... i dunno wat to say... if that is ur sketch,,, whoa agin


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