Thursday, 23 October 2008

Project 3 Typographic

On to project number three.. 
The project so far is going well , i struggled a lot in the beginning, but 
After continuing it has become a little easier.. so Hass is defiantly progressing! 
Chisato, made us watch a film/ documentary called HELVETICA.. you guys should defiantly 
have a look in to it.

Below is the brief of the current assignment, and two examples of my work i created in my sketch book.
Oh by the way i will show the sketch book,  i made it with my hands. and some machinery in the college!..
apparently the way i have stitched this book, it will last 150 years!.. 

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Project 2

College has been amazing so far, 3 week in to it and already on project number 2.
In project no.2 , we have to show a journey from either, LIGHT TO DARK,





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