Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Project 4

A stunning Exhibition i went to in SE1 London.. check out the work, really inspired me towards the project above..
the whole place was made of wood, displaying artworks on the walls.. and totum polls in the centre of
the circular hall. And speakers in each corner of the hall. Playing Flying LOTUS LOUD AND CLEAR. :)

Project Number 4 idea number 2!

Project Number 4
We are to make something that stands out to the public eye, And really sticks with them as something that
they will always remember.

So i decided on something crazy for my final piece...I wanted to find as many plastic water bottles as possible, and fill them up with blood ( RED PAINT).After doing this, i wanted to take them all to a Petrol station and stand out side and lay the bottles down as the picture below.
Every time some one walks in to the petrol station to purchase petrol, i would give them a bottle of blood to remind them
every purchase adds money to the war and add more bloodshed.But The graphics head of LCC told me think about the Disabled people, how would they get around.. and told met was a bad idea. But i am gonna be strong about it.. because... the government can put money in to looking at other ways to help the disabled such as electric cars?.. some kind of cyclecab service... its the goverments duty to research
and stop this. By the way its just a thought, and an idea... So please do not take it too literally.


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