Tuesday, 21 April 2009

aiming towards Final Project

Some amazing olives to start of my productive day!
Just got back from the scrap, where i jumped in to the skip to get my materials! illegal but whyyyyyyyy???

More dismantling  shit and fixing up a canvas like wooden board to screen print my dancers on
nailing the fuck outa some nails..

Who ever you are stop taking photo's of me..

Painting up my first board!

finished board! - but i hated it , because it was so shit.. so i decided to carve in to it......

......After carving in to it, i saw that, it looked even worse! - so  i kicked the living shit out of this bored, because i hated it.

And that was me for today!

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think24/7art said...

hi bugbug its so nice to see you smiling miss u.
just dropping by to say hi. and look at your work. it's exciting =)


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