Sunday, 24 May 2009

hot Sunday afternoon .... - gaze

Just come back from a cycle ride on a HOT afternoon out in the sticks, now almost asleep, looking at the blue skys from my bed thinking of nothing.. there is nothing like the blue sky!, if you look at a blue sky for really long, it takes you in... seriously try it!.. ok oh well i know this is boring, but here are some pictures i took.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

++ A time to remember!!! ++

Yesterday was our Private viewing at uni, after the show, a big bunch of us headed down to the pub! and all encountered some fucking good energy and great people!

Top man - getting ready spill the beans about his fucking amazing beatbox style!
you would never in a life time imagine leigh being able to beatbox! i think he would
have been the last person if anything! hang tight for the video!

What a night! woooo.!! and many more to come! 

Dam, this shit is scary.. where the fuck did my eyes go??? 

English Mod - Japanese Mod no no , it jon and yoko! - in the early days.
Mat - just give me another fucking drink! - larger lad!
CHisato aka chis- aa - o aka chizzy Rascal - aka a wicked tutor that will be missed! 
Miuuuuukayyyy and me

Danny, and phil  in conversation 
Melody badu holiday - lol 

future gurus of graphic design..? who knows..
Exhibition - starting to get heavving
Agi, and me at the exhibition, if you think you wanna photo shoot  go to agi, a wicked photographer indeed hahha or you can come to lol!.. its in your preference! .. or fuck it come to both of us

Saturday, 9 May 2009

The book i have wanted all my life!

This is the book i have been waiting for all my life, This Artist ,Phil frost came to me by me purchasing  them shoes , when i was like 18. the art customized by phil frost. Since then i have been reading keeping in track with his work.. seriously an amazing artist, and no you cant BORROW THIS BOOK! :P When, people ask me who is my inspiration, i usually go blank, and actually try to skip the question, but
i know, this guy is defiantly my biggest inspiration! 

Thursday, 7 May 2009

in progress and hanging for the show!

more stairs
this is what i can gaze at from the stairs all day.. 

the gazing stairs!
Liegh clark - 

Love this ceiling , i have only properly discovered this place in the college recently!
as i had a photoshoot, where i was in front of the camera!, storyy... TO BE CONTINUED ...

i think this is the H gallery section..
Mat the master! - hahah such typical mat at work!!!!
gummy bear girl! and the master mind mat!

entrance to bridge 
Chisato, helping all day long!

my space:left  side view, ( this is not the full view)
my space: right side view ( this is not the full view ) because not finished yet.


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