Tuesday, 25 August 2009

++ A connection with Trees, A Soulful connection ++

" We were heading from south india , along the western coastline on some seriously bendy roads. i was in a vehicle from chickmanglore towards Gokarna. I was sitting right at the back of the vehicle, with the window open. All i could see as the vehicle was moving, were sky high eucalyptus trees stretching and twisting their way up to the top of the mountains...and down in to the valleys.

As we were winding round and round and climbing these super high roads, the cent of hashish flowed from the front of the vehicle towards the back in episodes, with the mixture humid and dusty air.

This moment was magical, in the state of oneness' gazing out the window, soaking in the beautiful essences of nature slowly
filling up my soul, my breathing and slowly bloodstream....

.................... time went on still driving... .....................................

By now, the motion of the smoke was whirling , with my breathing, rotating in through my veins onwards to my heart and back round my body again... whirling, spinning with love of everything....the sun was high up in the sky, the air was infinite, the trees were infinite, the landscape was infinite , the moment was infinite... and all within my self was infinite...................... and the journey began.....

As the whirling motions took over my inner body, they started effecting the things i was focusing on. I was leaning against the door, with my head near to the window as possible....... still taking in the infinite landscape of eucalyptus trees and coconut trees in the horizon.

The eucalyptus trees near me, started multiplying and multiplying in to the distance..., and slowly started turning in a weird motions as i would concentrate on each tree.
The motion which was inside my body, started flowing out discreetly, illuminating my outside self.the circular motions swiftly moved over to each tree and pushed each one in a circular motion.

i kept my breathing stable, despite the shock, of seeing the trees turn... i kept ....... breathing... breathing... breathing... and breathing .... and all was settled..

i was in motion with the trees - whirling with my whole.

And that was the soulful connection."

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