Wednesday, 28 October 2009

++ New sketch book work for laundromat research ++

+ Todays screen print outcome +
Was pritty happy with the out come.. hopefully tomorrow will be as empty as today,
i was the only one in there.. it felt like my own studio!.. i wish!..

Empty Print Studio.

Sketch book work

+ i have been researching laundromats, for my first project in my BA,+
i was in the library, transcending in to my sketch book work, and a girl approached me, asking me if she could take pictures of me drawing and working, as she was doing a project research on are a few pictures of my sketch book which i think i have lost... i had done shit loads of work in it today..some screen print directly in to the sketchbook, and i think its all gone. I am planning to head the the screen printing studio in the morning...and hope its there.. $£%£$%£$%!!!!!!!

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