Saturday, 23 January 2010

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This is the beginning of my folklore / story telling project.

Friday, 15 January 2010

My journey to Bay of Bengal. ( Andaman and Nicobar Islands )

I have just come back from one of the most soulfully felt journeys i have ever been on.
The journey was from south india to the Andaman islands in the Bay of bengal.I have always wanted to do an ocean expedition, an this time round to india i managed to accomplish this.

I set of from kayalpatnam , a village in the Tamil Nadu, i took a dusty over night bus to Chennai ( Madras ).On this bus was reclining seats, open air windows, with bars guarding the whole of the window ledge.I could smell the sent of local south indian commuters, jasmine tied to little girls hairs, scent from new sari's and a light fragrance of agarbatti ( indian incense sticks burning. )

As the bus departs from the market in kalyalpatnam, i wave goodbye to my uncle, and smile knowing that a new journey has begun. The bus slowly moves through the traffic of bikes, cars , cyclists in lungis, cow carts and other busses .In to the night. The bus is now in full speed, weaving in and out of cars and industrial trucks. The roads had no lights, but the light of other moving motorists, in full beam. so its just a game of chicken all the way. I excluded my self from concentrating on the traffic and more on the moon lit side roads. Listening to Mumford and sons, watching the horizon get further and further lit by the moon, and then slowly i drifted in to a deep sleep.

Next morning i wake up and i see the indian sunrise, with its pinkness illuminating the horizons. Slowly we approach the out skirts of Madras, and all you can see is the markets opening for the new day, men brushing their teeth, with their lungi's tied up, on the side roads.
Woman in vibrant sari's , walking with plastic water canisters, going to collect water from the nearest pump, kids walking for miles and miles in their school uniforms on, and bare feet. This made feel closer to humanity. ( walking to school, a temple of learning bare feet!.. that is pure respect).

I arrive to Numgambakum, and take a rickshaw to my mums house, where my other uncle is living presently. The time is about 12 in the afternoon, i wash up and head straight out to go buy my self a sleeping bag some eucalyptus oil, candles, anti mosquito cream, and some medicine for my journey to the Andaman sea.I managed to get everything by the evening, and repacked for my flight tomorrow from Madras Airport.I woke up the next morning and headed straight to the chennai airport, where i met Sohaya, one of my companions on this journey.We checked in our bags and headed straight to the waiting lounge for our flight.

The announcement for the kingfisher flight to PORT BLAIR , was repeating in my head. Me and Sohaya look up at the information board,
and it reads PORT BLAIR BOARDING NOW!. We look at each other and smile blissfully!!!We aboard the plain, which was full of mainly a load of Chennai locals, some indian holiday makers and the Andamans locals.We are strapped in our seats and feel the beautiful energy as it whirls in our heads as the planes takes off, knowing that we are heading to wander a pristine lush paradise ocean.

As the Plane lands in to Port Blair airport, we lean towards the window and see a massive ocean with wild sand bars coming out the water..and in the distance lots of small islands spread out before the horizon. Crystal clear waters, in some area's real pure aquatic blue, and in the other area's light blue glowing lagoons.

We get off the plane and head towards the tiny airport, walking on the run way with our hand luggage. I look up at the sky and its just a reflection in my head of the ocean i saw whilst landing, ( i have my moment of oneness )!!!.We head towards the luggage section and a police guy stops us very politely, and quietly says, " excuse me sir, please go through immigration, you seem to be foreign", i laughed and spoke in tamil, and he was in super shock!. I laughed a little more and convinced him i was not foreign, he laughed back and said you look Israeli. I laughed a little louder and slowly walked away towards the baggage belt.We grabbed our bags and out the airport await a lot of south indian taxi men asking us to get in the taxi to head towards the jetty.The reason why they herded us was, that there is only one flight that lands everyday in Port Blair, and thats at 1 o' clock in the afternoon. from the jetty the boats are aligned 1 hour after that timing, so that people from the plane can catch the catamarans to other islands. As our flight was slightly delayed from chennai, this made is in a rush to get to the jetty. We quickly jumped in any cab and met these two french guys who Frieze magazine. They were also heading the same way, so we shared the cab. The taxi driver seamed to speak alot of tamil, so i started rambling my tamil, and he was more shocked than the guy at the airport!!!.. We speeded towards the jetty in a black and yellow ambassador, and got there just on time.

We got on to the jetty, and headed towards Havelock Island. this is where the connection the the universe really started.


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